I read yesterday, that men spend 1 billion a year on baldness treatments! I then checked liposuction and 1.3 billion is spent on that. 40 Billion is spent on the diet industry. I suppose there is nothing wrong on wanting to look our best. I spend $40. for a lipsitck which is long-lasting. Then, I think of how a $20.00 piglet can change a woman’s life. $3,000 can put a student through years of study to become a priest who earns little or no money once ordained, but can change a village with his leadership.

Only 85 million dollars are spent world-wide on malaria research! compare that figure with 10 Billion on cosmetic proceedures and one has to wonder…

It certainly points to the fact that we live in different worlds, and something about our cultures. I for one get caught up in the world I live in, want to be pretty, dress nicely and no doubt, spend too much on such things. I think all we can hope for is more BALANCE. Balance, and empathy for those who are struggling. You who read this blog have been responsible for helping us keep balance and empathy. Your continued support, five years of it, touches our hearts every day and keeps us going. What ever world we live in, it is essential to remember those who are struggling, here and elsewhere. Yesterday, Tally and I were driving out of the South Point Mall where we had gone to purchase a laptop computer for Moses Matonya when a nicely dressed woman was standing by the roadside and asked us for $1.00. This was stunning because she looked like us, not a ragged beggar. I asked her what was wrong and she said it was a long story. I regret we didn’t take the time to hear her story now, but we did give her money. The light changed and the car behind us beeped so we drove off. That woman haunts me because I saw myself in her face. She was a person I could relate to. Well spoken, clean, dressed in a way that didn’t bespeak poverty. We don’t see that often, but with today’s economy, who knows.

What am I trying to say? I guess keep aware, and remember to continue to love our neighbors no matter where they may live. Jessie