We had a celebration with our Treasurer, Bill Rose and his wife, Eileen last night.  Checks had arrived in the mail, $26,000 from St. Luke’s church is Salsbury, NC, $3,000 from a tiny church in Incline Village, NEV, and another check in partial payment on a piglet campaign from Emmanuel Church in Brook Hill, VA.  We are hoping by the end of the year to reach the $500,000. mark since forming KARIMU and we are getting close!  $481,800 to date which includes the money from Wyoming and Germany.  With the exception of some printing costs, computer help in making our presentations, stamps, all of the money has gone to projects in Tanzania.  Thank  you everyone!!  The $26,000 goes to feeding all the students for one year at the college, and the $3,000. for next year’s pastor’s wives English class.

We have tried hard to keep our projects as sustainable, bottom-up solutions as opposed to top-down aid.  The people we work with in Tanzania are not passive recipients of aid, but full-bodied agents of change.  I read in some book that if one acts from the belief of equality, makes small portions of change, talk with people about what they want, support will be more successful.

Tally and I now live in two worlds and have experienced the things we have in common with our friends in TZ.  Our humaness, and it is enough to keep all of our committments to what you have been helping us to do.  We are working to create change;  the Tanzanian’s will sometimes say to us:  “But what can we give back to you?”  They have given us mutuality, the sharing of human dreams.  When we ask ourselves:  “How am I to be”, “How to be in relationshipto the suffering of others?”  We may experience this in different ways, do what we can in different ways, but the question is a good one to keep in the front of our minds.

Thank you one and all for helping in awakening the possibility in other people, including Tally and Me!!!