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We had a celebration with our Treasurer, Bill Rose and his wife, Eileen last night.  Checks had arrived in the mail, $26,000 from St. Luke’s church is Salsbury, NC, $3,000 from a tiny church in Incline Village, NEV, and another check in partial payment on a piglet campaign from Emmanuel Church in Brook Hill, VA.  We are hoping by the end of the year to reach the $500,000. mark since forming KARIMU and we are getting close!  $481,800 to date which includes the money from Wyoming and Germany.  With the exception of some printing costs, computer help in making our presentations, stamps, all of the money has gone to projects in Tanzania.  Thank  you everyone!!  The $26,000 goes to feeding all the students for one year at the college, and the $3,000. for next year’s pastor’s wives English class.

We have tried hard to keep our projects as sustainable, bottom-up solutions as opposed to top-down aid.  The people we work with in Tanzania are not passive recipients of aid, but full-bodied agents of change.  I read in some book that if one acts from the belief of equality, makes small portions of change, talk with people about what they want, support will be more successful.

Tally and I now live in two worlds and have experienced the things we have in common with our friends in TZ.  Our humaness, and it is enough to keep all of our committments to what you have been helping us to do.  We are working to create change;  the Tanzanian’s will sometimes say to us:  “But what can we give back to you?”  They have given us mutuality, the sharing of human dreams.  When we ask ourselves:  “How am I to be”, “How to be in relationshipto the suffering of others?”  We may experience this in different ways, do what we can in different ways, but the question is a good one to keep in the front of our minds.

Thank you one and all for helping in awakening the possibility in other people, including Tally and Me!!!



Magi Griffin is an appointed missionary from Georgia to Tanzania and is an advisor to the Bishop.  She is our friend and a sheer delight.  She sent the pictures that Jessie  posted of the graduation of the women from the Pastor’ s Wives English class which has been funded by 3 grants from the Diocese of North Carolina’s MDG committee.  Here are Magi’s words: 

“If red is any indication of the color of love, you’ll recognize it a-plenty at Salina Makalenzi and her classmates’ ceremony at Msalato Theological College.  Christine Vaughn-Dawkes had her class give a remarkable ‘Concert’ that featured drama, readings and songs ~ all in English, performed and written by the women.  It was outstanding ~ the dramatics alone would have won a Tony!  Christine built upon those teachers who came before her, as well as others on campus like Moses and Sandy who had challenged, encouraged and built trust and confidence within the group and succeeded in teaching strong foundational English so needed for these women’s advancement. 

Irene Mhogolo (the Bishop’s wife) presented the certificates, along with the Rev. Canon Moses Matonya.”

When these classes were started a little over 2 years ago these women spoke not a word of English.  They would visit Jessie and me with their student husbands and sit there mute, unable to join in the conversation.  Jessie and I looked for ways to help, as English is becoming the national language of Tanzania, although many still speak Kiswahili and there are many tribal languages.  Sandy McCann suggested to us that we might consider providing funds for a class for the pastor’s wives.  First with your donations and grants from the MDG committee another dream has come true.  The wives will be tremendous assets to their pastor husbands as they are highly respected in the villages and parishes in which they serve and have a bully pulpit (to quote Sandy) for teaching their children and other villagers about clean drinking water, AIDs prevention, agricultural skills, health aids and on and on.   Jessie and I bow to you in thanks for your continued support of Karimu.  It is amazing what is happening. 

This is the third year of  The Women’s English Class, each year a new group of women attend this class four days a week, for fours hours a day.  The Graduation exercises include sketches in English, singing, receiving their certificates!

At last the bus has arrived at Bishop Stanway Primary School!  Our wonderful donor, Karl, is to be thanked for providing safe and beautiful transport for the school.  It has been a long time coming, first finding a bus, then having it painted!  But, oh what a joy it is!  It will make two trips to town to collect pupils in the morning, and return them in the afternoon.  The parents of the students will help to pay for maintenance and driver.  Thank you, everyone else for your donations, which has helped the school to be painted last year, and for repairs and maintenance.  The school is growing now, even has some boarding students.  There will always be pupils needing scholarship assistance, but this bus will attract more children as their parents will feel happier with safe transportation.  Jessie

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