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Jessie wiring paintings

It is hard work

  Inspiration is one thing ~ standing before a canvas with a paint brush in hand, a  palette of vivid colors at her side, is even better, but framing and wiring paintings is not what Jessie considers the fun part.   Here she is preparing for another art show to benefit Bishop Stanway Primary School and Msalato Theological College (MTC).  Many of her stunnning and glorious paintings will hang at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Raleigh, N.C., (1520 Canterbury Road)  from June 3 through the 17th.    Generously, a percentage of the sales will go to St. Michael’s outreach program as well as to our Tanzanian schools and friends.   Jessie’s paintings hang in galleries and homes across the world.  She has lived and traveled to the far reachs of the earth, and a New York Times art critic wrote:  “Jessie Mackay is recognized in the art world as an artist who can go to the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe ~ to the impoverished heart of Africa ~ and the ability and desire to capture the colors of both places, as well as the people, with a great deal of sympathy,  is a welcome, valuable resource.” Seven of her paintings hang in my house and I can tell you that every time I pass one I think how fortunate I am ~ how rich I am to see such beauty each and every day.  Often, I just stop dead in my tracks and look at them.  If  you live too far away to come to her show, please go to her website:  In today’s world of technology you can view her paintings and purchase one (or two or three!) on-line.  She will frame it and ship it to you.  Even if you have long filled your wall-space, a painting makes a wonderful wedding gift ~ birthday and Christmas gifts to grandchildren.  It’s really a chance of a life time. We live in a troubled world and it is easy to despair about the way in which we seem to be going, but I have a theory:  Great art, poetry, music, drama and literature just might save civilization.  God has done His part in creating the world in which we live.  It is up to us to preserve it. That great American soprano, Beverly Sills said that “we all need a little beauty in our lives.”  Here is a chance to enrich your life and help those who are in dire need of just a little of what we all have.   Blessings to you all.  tally

Remember that song from Oliver?  “Oh food, marvelous food, wonderful food, magical food, fabulous food, beautiful food, GLORIOUS FOOD.”  Now little Oliver was thinking of “a great big steak fried, roasted or stewed.”  I am writing of food for the students at Msalato Theological College.  We received word today that St. Luke’s Foundation in Salisbury, NC has honored our grant request with $25,000.  Halleluiah, Praise the Lord, and grateful thanks to St. Luke’s Foundation.  Sandy just wrote that this is HUGE.  It means the students at the college will have at least 2 meals a day with meat on Saturday.  Now the school can begin buying maize and beans while the prices are somewhat lower than they will be later.  Fresh fruit and vegetables will also be available.   (Tomatoes, onions and spinach).  We nearly danced a jig when we got the word today.  It is later in coming this year and we were holding our breath.  The foundation has awarded over $72,000 to keep the college students fed.  The school had cut food three years ago from their budget and the students were going to have to provide their own food ~ ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE and one cannot learn on an empty stomach.

Sandy and 25 others left at 5 a.m. last weekend on a bus headed for Kondoa for the consecration of a bishop.  They did not stay for dinner after a 6 hour service, but the bus stopped at a hole-in-the wall diner (her words) that had chips outside and beans and ugali inside.  She said 5 stayed on the bus (4 students and one local pastor).  She and Magi Griffin didn’t get off either.  She said none said a word but she knew they did not have a shilling for food, so she gave them a bag of cookies and some cashews ~ all that she had.  It was the first thing they had eaten all day.  The thought of the students at Msalato going hungry was more than she could bear.   We can almost hear her sigh of relief all the way across the ocean and that huge continent. 

I rarely believe those e-mails that we receive asking us to forward something and within so many days we will get good news.    The other day I sent one on because it was a pretty good story and I thought, what the heck.  Well, great news came today.  Oh yes, Food Glorious Food.

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