Tally wrote an Easter greeting to Moses and this is his reply after spending time in Ikowa Village for Easter:  “Dear Tally and Jessie,  Thank you so much for the Easter greetings.  Your greetings are still so meaningful to us and the people at Ikowa.  I am truly humbled by the prayers of the Christians of St. Mary Magdalene’s for me.  I really miss these friends and I am encouraged by the greetings that we are still boldly united through prayers and thoughts.  Please give them my particular thanks for their love and prayers.  I believe God will give me another time to meet with these friends of St. Mary Magdalene’s.

Please receive many many greetings from the women (and their men) of Ikowa.  These women in Ikowa never stop calling Tally and Jessie in their prayers whenever they meet in the Church and for their project.  I went there on Friday and found lots of women in the church for Good Friday service.  They were so glad to see me and they kept on asking me about you, Jessie and TOM.  Their faces changed suddenly when I mentioned to them that Tom has passed away.  They were all shocked by Tom’s death and could not resist to pour tears for Tom.  They made me cry as well as I was sharing to them the stories of Tom’s death.  These people of Ikowa love you and Jessie so dearly, and Tom had become part of this friendship.  They feel in their hearts that they have lost Tom as whom they know as a friend in the name of Christ Jesus.  We, we thank God for the gift of knowing Tom and we accept what God has done for Tom.

 The women continue very well with their Pigs project.  I spent the whole Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm visiting the pigs and piglets.  There are 27 new groups of women plus the 9 previous ones.  Each group has three pigs.  All together there are now 108 pigs and piglets in Ikowa for 36 groups of women.  Because each group has 5 women, there are 180 women now in the village who are in this project.  All pigs and piglets are healthy, strong and attractively growing big.  The project is growing well, the women are together and for those who started last year they have started enjoying the fruits of the project.  They are selling sosme of their newborns and they use the money for the needs of their families.  Here is a quotation of their message to you in my own translation from Swahili to English: ‘May God bless your good heart, Jessie and Tally.  You have loved us and have empowered us.  We have nothing to pay you back, but our only word to you is thank you and welcome again.’ “

I know the women rejoiced in showing Moses (who for those of you might not know, is the Rev. Cannon Moses Matonya, Dean of the Msalato Theological College) their projects.  Moses is from this village and has extended family there.  We stay at his Mother’s house when we visit.  Nine hours of meeting the women and pigs, I hope he got some, rest and time with his Mother!  Well done Ladies of Ikowa, you do have something to give back, it is your joy and success in this project.  You make us so very proud of you all.  Jessie & Tally