After loosing our friend Tom, then Holy Week, Easter was a wonderful day of celebration. Our friend, Moses Matonya spent Easter in his village of Ikowa and promised to send an update on the two pig projects there.

A friend of mine mentioned that someone she knew was negative about the work we are doing, questioning whether it will really do any good. This person is also negative about giving any help to the dissadvanaged. Yes, there are abuses, waste, but that exists in all that man does. Government, churches, education, research. I have met people who blame the victims for their problems, again in some cases that might be true, but as a philosophy it is devoid of empathy. This is what I do know. I have been blessed with being born in circumstances where I never had to face dying of starvation, disease, the worry of not having enough to eat. I have not had to watch those I love die from lack of medical attention, I have not felt the helplessness that no matter what I do, my circumstances will not change.

I have had an amazing life, very fullfilling with meaningful work, joy in relatioships with family and friends. The pure joy has been in transactions of giving where it contributes to the flourishing of each person involved. With KARIMU, we have been very careful in choosing the individuals we work with, the projects – chosen by the people who know what they can do successfully given their circumstances,.

For five years now, I have been working and learning from the people in Tanzania. I have learned that attachment to other people and God are more important to me than attachment to things. When I look at Tanzania, I see scarcity unimaginable in the US, but I also see abundance in their faith in God, in their relationships with each other. I write this to pass along to those of you who have been supporting the projects through your help.   Christ said: “for I was hungry and you gave me food”.   Christ felt the pain of the hungry person, he didn’t blame or question. He saw the situation as it was and acted. You are doing the same and I only wish I could transmit the spritual benefits we receive through our personal contacts there to you. The hands extented in the joy of welcome are extended to you as well, we are the liaison. They difference you are making is profound, thank you. Jessie  (Below is the church I used to attend when I lived in England, went to Easter service there three years ago).