Tom Davenport

October 1934-March 2012

It is with tears I write about our dear friend, Tom who died Sunday.  Tally and I drove out to Wyoming to say goodbye and spend four days with Tom, and are so thankful to have had that time with him.  I first met Tom 7 or 8 years ago, and spent time at his “place” meeting his friends, ranchers, and painting them at work.  We had a wonderful summer and our friendship grew and expanded to Tom’s becoming involved in our work in Tanzania.  Tally and I made a trip out there to speak with Tom’s church in Pinedale as well as another small church in Big Piney.  These churches and Tom’s work in obtaining a huge grant from the Diocese of Wyoming provided three years of enormous support for the people at Msalato Theological College, Bishop Stanway Primary School, and other individuals in need.  Tom came with us this past summer to Tanzania to meet the people he has helped and won the hearts of everyone he came into contact with, remembered everyone’s name, even children who called him “Mr. Tom”!  I would like to write more about Tom, but will do so later.  Tally and I arrived home last evening after driving almost 7,000 miles and need to get my scattered thoughts and emotions in order before writing more.  I would like to add that the people in Tanzania were with us in spirit through this entire journey, and will be having a Thanksgiving service for Tom there at Msalato Chapel this coming Friday.  There is an empty chair at our table of friends…we will miss him sorely.  Jessie and Tally