When Tally and I returned from our time in Tanzania the summer of 2010, we gave a Kanga, which had been given to us, to the congregation of St. Mary Magdalene’s Church.  We thought they would use it as a wall hanging or table cloth.  However, Jean Brown, the wife of Rev. Robert Brown, created this beautiful Chasuble for the Lenten Season.  Jean told us she is NOT a semstress and how difficult it was to “cut and paste” to transform the Kanga into this lovely clerical robe.  Father Bob commented that he saw a meaningul metaphor in the Zebra: “The stripes representing the black and white people who are working together in harmony”.  A scientific fact is that the stripes on the Zebra confuse flies, hence Zebras are not menaced by flies as are the other animals on the plains of Africa.

Perhaps some of the Tanzanian clergy will use Kangas in their clerical robes too.  Thank you, Jean, for creating such a lovely and eloquent garment!