Odd how the mind works.  It’s a cloudy rainy day; there is deep sadness within my heart and for some crazy reason, I thought of the old Jerome Kern song:  “Look for the silver lining when e’er a cloud appears in the blue.  Remember somewhere the sun is shining and so the right thing to do is make it shine for you.”  Are any of you old enough to even remember Judy Garland singing that song?  

Sandy sent such tragic news day before yesterday.   The young wife of a former student who is now ordained, died suddenly with malaria.  It was complicated by diabetes, but it was unknown that she was a diabetic.    She and Daudi (David) had only been married 3 years.  She suffered 2 miscarriages and one still birth near term.  Sandy went many miles to the funeral in another diocese and the first thing Daudi said to her was : “We have to accept it, Mama.  We have to accept it.”    Even though he said to family members, “no crying” he fell apart several times.  He said that he asked God, why, why after only 3 years, and the word came to him:  “You would not have accepted it at 20 years either.”  It is not a surprise that Sandy, a devout priest, and an M.D. said the quality of medicine there makes her want to scream.  How do the people take it?    

Jessie is going to put a picture of Daudi on the blog ~ I can’t seem to do it.  Silver lining for Daudi? Certainly not today or tomorrow or who knows if ever?  He is a lovely, gentle man and always has a smile.  I am going to a wedding in a few minutes and even on a rainy day perhaps there will be a silver lining of hope and joy.  Surely the sun is shining somewhere.   There is more to tell you about this later.   Tally