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ST. MICHAEL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH in Raleigh, will be hosting an art show of Jessie’s work March 18-25. This is to benefit ¬†FOOTSTEPS IN FAITH, KARIMU as well as St. Michael’s outreach program. Tally, (The Rev.) will preach on Sunday the 18th and on Sunday the 25th we will have a presentation on Footsteps in Faith and Karimu.

St. Michael’s is a stunning church in a beautiful neighborhood. We had a lovely afternoon there yesterday, (hosted by the Rev. John Gibson) meeting clergy and staff as well as looking at the room where the art will be. If ¬†you have friends in Raleigh, we hope you will direct them to St. Michael’s! Thanks, Jessie and Tally

“Hello Everyone!” (Alistair Cooke used to open his “Letters from America” radio program that way, I was a faithful listener when I lived in England, and loved that opening. So, again, “Hello Everyone”.

We are beginning the campaign for FOOTSTEPS IN FAITH, our goal is to raise one million dollars this year.

Year after year, Msalato Theological college has to find money to run the school. Salaries for teachers, food for students, scholarships for students (most cannot afford their tuition) You have heped with your donations, Wyoming has basically kept the school afloat for three years. A committee has been formed in conjunction with Virginia Theological Seminary, the Diocese of Atlanta, New York, as well as many other people and agencies who have been involved in helping Msalato over the years. Your generosity has a profound impact: you are creating opportunity and instilling confidence in the students you support, the women you are empowering. Your influence will have an enduring effect not only of the lives of deserving students, but the lives of the people in the villages where these where they will be called to help.

By establishing en endowment fund, the school would be able to move from chronic dependence on outside donations, to a fund which would be based, overseen and managed by The Long Term Investment Committee of the Diocese of Atlanta. They have agreed to manage a separate FOOTSTEPS in FAITH Fund. Our ultimate goal will be three million dollars, but for this year we are working towards the one million.

Do any of you know of foundations, dioceses, individuals, that Tally and I would be able to contact. We are going over lists, but are aware that sending letters “cold” rarely get read. However, if you know of a person that you could contact saying they will be receiving our letter and to keep an eye out for it, this would be a great help.

Thank you everyone! Jessie

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