This has been such a busy season, Thanksgiving, trip to Virginia to get info for the Endowment for Msalato, Art Show, Christmas, Wyoming then New York City! I hope now to have some time to THINK. Sandy sent this photo of happy memories from this past Autumn in Tanzania which now seems so long ago.

Tally and I will go to the Diocesian Convention this weekend and hope to interest more people in KARIMU, and the Endowment. We would love to have more churches involved, not only in their outreach, but even volunteers who would like to go and do some work there.

Times are still hard for most poeple, but inspite of that, our donations keep trickeling in and we thank you for that. With people who have not had to struggle in the past, this new experience of worry has also heightened awareness of what those who are barely surviving must be facing every day, year after year. It certainly has for Tally and me, and we grateful for your empathy.

We hope to expand the piglet project to a brand new village which will make four villages now. East Africa is finally getting much needed rain so draught conditions are abating at last. We will talk with some women about the possibility of gardens (where there is water available). We can help with seeds, fertilizer and perhaps some implements. Small solar lighting is also on our list ($22.00) a light. This would be a good project for children!!

Thanks – Jessie