Word came yesterday from Father Moses Matonya that the women in Ikowa Village are busy with agricultural works on their farms and that the piglets are growing “big and healthy.”  Further, he said that the piglet project (what we call the Wilbur Project) has brought new hope and power to the women in Ikowa.  The women are returning to Church and they are accepting responsibilities and duties  that women have always done in our churches in America.  Believe me its the women who will save Africa.  Those of you who have bought piglets  and especially St. Mary Magdalene’s Church that held a bake sale in late summer and raised nearly $1,000 to buy piglets, please know what an impact you are having on the women and children of Tanzania.  Actually, even the men are happy.  Moses’ words went straight to our hearts:  “Tally and Jessie, the depth of your love to us is immeasurable and is beyond comparsion.  It is a gift that is graciously flowing from God and we are blessed by it.”  We truly do believe that it is from God and we remain humble and thankful for the privilege given to us and for your abiding love and help as well.   Rain has come!   Moses will visit Ikowa in late January and will take pictures of the newest little oinkers!

Jessie and I will have a KARIMU booth at our diocesan convention ~ should you be there as a delegate, guest or clergy, please stop by and visit us ~ see the work that is being done and learn how you can help.  Is it too late to say Happy New Year?