Ah, ha.  It IS still Christmas.  Look at our Christmas cactus about to  bloom!  The one in the window is about to bloom as well.  Those are African candle sticks given to me as we prepared to leave in October.  They are hand carved with elephants in the middle.  The picture, for the record, is Tally Pendo, Jessie’s famous Jack Russell in my lap ~ you might say we see eye to eye or is it nose to nose?

Why do you suppose some are eager for the season of joy and light to end?  Everyday should be Christmas ~ people seem friendlier, more willing to speak as you pass on the street and more willing to share and give to the poor.  Jessie keeps saying she is going to put me out on the street with a tin cup to collect coins for those in Africa who are poor beyond belief.    I threw out the holly and the ivy today but only because it was so dry, but the tree stands with all of it’s memories ~ ornaments collected for 58 years ~ each with a story to tell.

I read yesterday that the Africans celebrate the New Year with special food if it is available, primarily goat or a chicken.  And we eat beans or black-eyed peas for good luck.  Our Tanzanian friends go to church and dance and sing on New Years’ Eve.  We seem to no longer have New Year’s Eve Watch Services in our churches.  That’s a loss.

Moses wrote that the women in Ikowa Village have bought the pigs for another group of women, thanks to the good people of St. Mary Magdalene’s Episcopal Church in Seven Lakes.  All piglets are doing well.  It started with a meager amount of money and has blossomed into a business for the women who will use the money to see that their children go to school.   Primary education is free, but there is the cost for transportation, uniforms and books and supplies.  Many simply cannot afford those things. 

I have a story about the Wise Men which I will save until Epiphany ~ January 6th.  For a few more days we can enjoy the season and then we can hunker down for those months when we vow to keep our resolutions and to read all the books that are still stacked on our nightstand.

My resolution is to look for the holy in everything.  HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR READERS.