Remember when we were about to move into this century and there were dire predictions that the world would come to an end?  Today I received a video via e-mail with more dire predictions about the collapse of the American economy and the dollar that will eclipse anything we have ever known before.  Something that will happen early in 2012 that will change the way we live and not for the better.  Not being an economist I haven’t a clue but it is at least scarey and makes me wonder if we should take what we have and bury it in a tin can in the backyard!   All in all, I agree that the state of the world is not very promising.  On a much happier note though, I received an e-mail from Katerina Whitley, Greek born author, teacher, church journalist, retreat leader and extraordinary human being.  Google her and read all about her.  I was privileged to once take a writing workshop with her and have read her books.  She wrote in the e-mail that she has stopped looking at the news (3-years now and hasn’t missed it) and she doesn’t “do” Walmart either!  These words were at the end of her e-mail and they struck me as words of great hope and reminded me of the brightness of the African sky at night with no ambient light.  “When it gets dark enough you can see the stars.”  (Charles A. Beard)  On this eve of a new year may we all see the stars and see wonder and awe every day.