It had to happen.  Here we are in the Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmastide) and what did I see in WalMart yesterday?  Valentine’s Day candy!  My friend Gail says that I am a throwback to yesteryear.  An ink pen and clean piece of paper thrills me just as a real letter makes me stop my day and sit down to read words formed by hand ~ a true gift of love.  I doggedly go around saying:  Merry Christmas.  In the gym on Tuesday, Mike said:  “Christmas is over,” and a woman said:  “Thank goodness.”  That makes me sad.  Things change ~ the world changes day by day.  Technology, which I love is running wild and I struggle to barely keep up.   Everyone sits around checking their I-Phones with little conversation.  Secular takes over f rom the sacred when everyday should be  sacred.  Today is the 6th day of Christmas ~ six geese a’laying which might just mean the 6 days of creation.  I looked for my true love to give me 5 golden rings yesterday ~ didn’t happen so maybe it is just a silly English Christmas song.  Maybe this one makes more sense:  “Love Came Down at Christmas.”  The last verse goes like this:  “Love shall be our token; love be yours and love be mine, love to God and neighbor, love for plea and gift for sign.”  (Christina Rossetti).   MERRY CHRISTMAS.