Each day’s mail brings more envelopes with requests and I feel so guilty when I don’t even open some of them. At our meetings at VTS we had confirmed what we all aready know, that Americans are the best at giving to charities. This got us to thinking about charity in general. What is it? It really can be a way of involvement, and when that is the case, we feel better about it. Involvement, self-sustaining projects. Webster’s New World College Dictionary distinguishes between charity and philanthropy. “Charity is a love of one’s fellow human beings”. “Philanthropy is a desire to hep mankind especially as shown by gifts to charitable or humanitarian institutes”. I like knowing the distinctions between the behaviours. Your “involvement” with KARIMU and therefore the lives of the people in Tanzania has helped so much to ease the burdens by teaching new empowerment behaviours to women as well as children. The women who can now speak English and are furthering their education, the children who are going to school – the women who have learned how to handle money, raise animals, sell them, work in teams, teach others what they know. These are wonderful things! They may be small, but they are life-transforming for people who live in a land that lacks the infrastructure, laws and programs to give them the proverbial “leg-up”.

Now we will embark upon a new venture with “Footsteps in Faith” to help Msalato be self-sustaining through an endowment fund. We feel so strongly about this project, that Msalato offers the best in training for their students in becoming pastors as it not only teaches theology in the manner that seminaries here teach, but incorporates the African cultural background, spiritism, and history to best integrate their history with Christian theology.

Oh, and thank you all for coming to the art show! We were able to give $1,100 to The Empty Stocking Fund from our proceeds! Have a happy Christmas! Jessie