Jessie and I are not in North Carolina nor are we in Tanzania, but in a way it seems we are.  We are at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria where we have been in meetings all week with the dean and with Sandy and other people far more important than we will ever be or want to be.  I’m staying with my long time littermate Gail Epes and her husband Perry at Episcopal High that borders on the campus of VTS.  Though I have some good pictures for you I did not bring the thingy that hooks up to the computer to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer ~ perhaps when we get home tomorrow I can  send some.  Nothing electronic is working for me ~ my cell phone died (oh Santa, please bring me a new phone) and I need a special code to use my computer and it is raining and I don’t especially want to walk over to the library.  I’m using Gail’s while she is out with her horse Scooter.  

We had a few hours in Old Towne, Alexandria yesterday afternoon ~ it’s a wonderland and made me very  nostalgic for my years here.  

Our work has has been to get the skinny on Footsteps in Faith, a hoped for endowment fund for Msalato Theological College.  Jessie and I are co-working chairs of this committee.  Needless to say it is a huge endeavor and will not be a part of Karimu, although should it all come together it will provide many things that Karimu has  been supporting.  You will hear more about it as time goes on.  At the moment I want to focus on the rest of Advent and Christmas.  

A few words about where I am staying ~ I’ve known this house for a long time and as I sat alone in the living room ~ not really alone for James and their dog Gerry May were with me I felt a simple peace.  The house was filled with the aroma of cookies that Gail and I made in the afternoon for Perry’s directees to decorate.   The kids wrapped presents for a family that had been adopted and then they were off to study hall.  An oak fire warmed the living room giving a special sweetness to the evening.  The house is old and book-filled ~ over 3,000 books.  Tiny colored lights outline the windows and the mantle and the bookshelves.  Just “being” and sitting before the fire has been like a retreat for me.  Now we have to return to “real life” and the remaining preparations for Christmas.  I’ve loved this Holy Hill for over 50 years ~ it is good to walk it’s grounds again.  There will be much to write about when we get home.  As a P.S. Jessie’s art show was lovely and very successful.  Many thanks to all who came to enjoy it.

“Talk” to you soon.  Tally