Would that this were Dodoma, Tanzania but it may be in a few weeks.  This is a note of praise and thanksgiving.  Rain has come to Dodoma ~ lots of rain, which means life to our friends there.  This photo happens to be in Ethiopia which is as different as night and day from Dodoma.  Jessie and I were there in September and just look at the difference from barren land and this lush, fertile country, and it’s not that far away from Tanzania.  We often talk about the accident of our births.  We have had every opportunity for a good life in a goodly country.   We cannot even explain it, but Jessie and I are very aware of all that we have and it is our fervent desire to give back and to help those who have not had our opportunities.  We met with Bishop Curry yesterday and he was almost jumping out of his chair about the pig project (The Wilbur Project) that we began in 2010.  He is very aware that if men have money in Africa they will spend it on booze and women, but if the women have money (which the Wilbur Project has allowed) they will see that their children are feed properly and that they have an education.  This all makes me believe that the women are the future and the hope of Africa.  I’ll put pigs on the blog soon and explain the Wilbur Project ~ simply a micro-financing project that has blossomed for the village women.  Special thanks to the people of St. Mary Magdalene’s for raising $1000 to buy piglets for women to raise, breed, sell, and eat.  More than anything else, they have gained confidence in their ability to make money to help their children.   What a little bit of money can do in Africa.