Whenever I can I take back roads ~ country roads ~ and North Carolina is full of them.  Interstate highways aren’t exactly crammed with beauty, although admittedly they move you along at breakneck speed to wherever it is  you happen to be going.   Jessie and I drove across country with 3 dogs many years ago and anytime we could get off the highways we did and we saw some of our beautiful country that one does not see flying over it. 

Today, driving a country road from church I was taken by the difference between our country roads and Africa’s country roads which is what most are where we go.  Here is Jessie walking a path to her school where one encounters bicycles, the occassional motorbike, goats and chickens and even children who say:  “goodmorning teacher.”  What I saw this morning were silent fields with rolled hay bales, peachtrees bare as newborns, healthy cattle, a couple of Jerusalem sheep with the cross on their backs and leafless trees ~ nature gone to sleep.  Spotted about were a few country homes ~ no mega mansions ~   decorated for the coming of Christmas.  It was both a bucolic scene and a hopeful scene.  I thought of the road to Ikowa Village and wondered what they would think of my country road.  I’m told they have no decorations in the villages, certainly no outside lights or inside lights either.  It looks like magic in and around Pinehurst and Southern Pines nowadays.  Oh, how I wish my African friends could see it and enjoy the beauty and mystery of the season.  I wish they could have some of the goodies in Fresh Market.  As you can tell, they never leave my mind.  Like the fields, I hope you too are finding fallow time as well as preparation time.

I always send love to our readers,  Tally