Honestly, this is not to make any of us feel badly or guilty.  This is actually a good meal in Tanzania ~ it is ugali and a hot cabbage mixture.  Of course, tomorrow is not Thanksgiving in Tanzania even though every day is Thanksgiving there.  I think what is mostly getting my goat today is that when the afternoon paper came it was filled with inserts from local shops and stores ~ Best Buy, Staples, Wal Mart, and Stein Mart, and many of them are open tomorrow ~ tomorrow, Thankgiving day!  Many open at midnight on Thanksgiving.  As my husband and I looked at some of the ads he shook his head and said:  “STUFF.”  We all like bargains, but can’t we take one day away from the desire to get more and spend it with family or friends and to thank God for all that we have?  Nothing that we have is permanent and as they say:  “we can’t take it with us.”  I hope to send you special words from the poet, Mary Oliver tomorrow.  She really knows what life is all about and expresses it so that I nod my head in agreement and understanding.

Many of you will be making stuffing and sweet potatoes and other delectables tonight.  Jessie and I wish you all a very joyous day with food, friends, family and with thanks for all that we have.  We send love too.