Many of you know that Jessie and I widened our horizons this summer while on our mission in Tanzania.  Since we flew Ethiopian Airways to save money we spent 5 days on our return journey in  the  Horn of Africa ~ Ethiopia.   In topography it is quite different from Tanzania.  It is dramatically mountainous with Addis Ababa, the capital city being the 3rd highest capital city in the world.   There is much we want to learn about this country, totally landlocked with Somalia close enough that we saw fields of UN peacekeeping trucks.  This is not going to be a geography or history lesson but one to say that from it Jessie is creating some amazingly beautiful paintings.  Her world travels over the years have lead to the subtleties of Provence, the dramatic colors of the Masai in Kenya, factories in England, a different style in Tobago, Tanzanian women who manage to put together colors and patterns that Americans would never get by with and look stunning, and now a new look from Ethiopia. 

Jessie will have an art show on December 9-11 2011 at the old Razooks building in the Village of Pinehurst.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Empty Stocking Fund to aid families in need in and around Moore County where we live.  Look for posters and information on Sandhill’s Dig on-line.  If you live out of our area and want to see Jessie’s work go to her web site:  This is a wonderful opportunity to shop for Christmas and to help the poor in our own backyards.  Any house with a Jessie Mackay is enhanced with breathtaking color and beauty.  I don’t have much but I have 7 of her paintings and sometimes I find myself just stopping in my tracks to look at them.   Ah, I say!