Someone said that if we want to be present in the moment we should reflect on every aspect of the preceeding 24 hours.  If I did I would see that there is a sameness to most of my days.  This is not a complaint.  First, every day, you can count on me walking James, a great way to begin any day rain or shine.  I would have made a great mailman (woman).  Then we read the Daily Office together, another good way to center my day.  There are always errands to do, laundry, exercise, check e-mail, go to the gym, call special friends ~ you get the picture.  Oh yes, usually I eat the same breakfast, a bowl of Great Grains cereal with bananas and blueberries.  Sameness is not bad.

Today began quite differently ~ for once I was sleeping like a baby when I was awakened by the beep-beep-beep of the trash truck.  Since I am usually an early riser, I put the trash out every Monday morning.  This morning I shot out of bed like a rocket, grabbed a robe and went to the garage.  They were gone.  No problem, grabbed James and hopped in the car to go garbage truck chasing.  Since there is only one collection a week it seemed imperative that I catch up with the truck, which by the way, I never did.  How could that large lumbering loud truck disappear into nowhere?

This would not be a problem in Dodoma.  There is very little trash ~ there is no handi-wrap and few paper products ~ no empty cans or newspapers; bottles are returned to the little duka across the road.   Any scraps that Jessie and I had went to the neighbor’s chickens.  On the campus every duplex or house has a large pit in the back of the house, and what trash there is is burned.   I’m not suggesting we do that ~ we’ve polluted our environment too much as it is.  But neither does Dodoma have huge landfills full of plastic bags and other refuse.

This is a morning musing of little importance as I wonder now how the rest of this day shall unfold.  “Meet the world,” wrote Martin Buber, with the fullness of your being and you will met Him.”