While walking James early this morning I was overcome with joy.  I wasn’t laughing out loud ~ we laugh at funny things, sometimes jokes, but joy seems entirely different to me.  It’s autumn where I live with glorious colors and shafts of light making little warm sunny places in the house for James.  Dogs have a way of finding those circles of warmth.   There was a modest skim of ice on the 2 birdbaths ~ just enough to think that winter IS coming, even to sunny North Carolina.  Oh, have I said that I thrive in cold weather?  Where Tom Davenport lives in Wyoming, snow is predicted.  Moses wrote today that it is hot in Dodoma, windy and dusty ~ so different from here.   Still, we are interconnected.  I talked with Sandy yesterday.  Students at Msalato will take their exams the end of this month and then go to their villages to plant their crops.  Always we pray for rain and as you know it doesn’t always come.  As Jessie wrote, the Africans laugh more than Americans.  How I would love for them to be able to rejoice.  Maybe they are like Beverly Sills who used to say she would never be a happy woman but she would always be a cheerful one.  Sorrow and suffering take away happiness but obviously not cheerfulness.  If you remember, Beverly had one child profoundly deaf and another severely handicapped with his whole life spent in an institution.  Who could laugh with more gusto than Beverly?  So, if you aren’t laughing wildly today, at least find joy.  It’s often to be found in small things like ice on the birdbath.  And remember, joy is also a verb!