As Jessie wrote a couple of days ago, we were speaking at the Civic Club in Southern Pines today.  It is amazing how long that “club” has been in existence.   They have a history all of their own and even now they “woman” the welcome center in Southern Pines in the historic train station.  Their report on the number of visitors from all over the world would astound you.  They are women of good works who quietly work behind the scenes.  Check them out at the train station the day of the Christmas parade in Southern Pines.  They will have cookies “to die for.”

Jessie and I came away happy to have met these civic-minded women, but mad at ourselves because we are both horrible at asking for money.  Karimu has been blessed with many donations, only because we told the story, but we seen loath to come right out and ask for money, knowing that even the smallest amount can make a difference.  Please remember that we have no overhead ~ we work out of our homes, we do not get paid, we pay our own way to Tanzania each year.  Whatever you donate goes right to the need.  There are no middle men.

The requests for donations are hot and heavy now as the Christmas season approaches.  I’m deluged too.   I hardly know where to begin.  Thank you for following our journey into the hearts of the people of Tanzania.  We have poverty right here in Moore County or wherever you live but we have resources in our country.  There are so few in Dodoma where we go.   I will be going to Richmond, VA to preach at Emmanuel-Brook Hill on November 20th and I have promised Jessie to come right out and boldy ask for assistance for Karimu.   Although we have had many donations, the need never ends.  There is hope ~ we saw it this year with what your money has enabled us to do.  Continued thanks and blessings to you who make our work possible.