Karimu and the people in Tanzania have really been blessed. A donor has pledged $500. a month for 2012! Tally and I were stunned and overjoyed with this wonderful gift! And, in this economy! Thank you so much. On top of this fantastic news, the grant Tally wrote for the Women’s English Class was accepted, so that can go on for another year. We watch as well as experience how tough times are right now, and we worry about how we will continue our efforts in Tanzania, then something extraordinary like this happens.

Tally and I are co-chairs for an endowment for Msalato. The objective is to raise one million dollars initially, with three million the next goal. This is so that Msalato Theological College can operate on the monies generated from the endowment rather than having to raise funds yearly. Neither one of us has done this kind of thing before, and probably our ignorance is what made us raise our hands. Now, the reality is setting in – we are nail-biting. But, we remember we didn’t know anything about starting KARIMU either.  However, we are willing to learn and will have some excellent help along the way. This endowment will be separate from KARIMU – we will keep you informed as we get organised. Again, thank you donor, and all of you who have been faithful supporters. The beauty of it all is that we are providing a “leg up” for those in Tanzania, then they are taking off with it and passing it along to others. And so it grows.