“Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat.  If you haven’t got a penny then a ha’penny will do and if you haven’t got a ha’penny then God bless you.”

Sorry that I am going the way of the world.  It isn’t yet Halloween and we haven’t bought the Thanksgiving bird but Christmas is closer than we think.  There are 59 shopping days ’til Christmas and I dare say some of you have your gifts bought and wrapped.  Some stores are already decorated.  I tend to be a last minute shopper and every year I say I will change my ways and have everything ready way ahead of time.  Such luxury ~ time to relax and enjoy the lights, decorations, music, cards and letters from friends. 

I truly hope that Africa doesn’t get too westernized and secularized about Christmas.  Where we go they are too poor to have gifts or a tree or even a special meal unless someone is lucky enough to have a chicken or to shoot a dik-dik.  Their neighbors might join in the meal but most of Christmas day is spent in Church singing and praising God.  They love cards, generally the only decorations in their homes.  You will see Christmas cards on their walls in July and August.  Everyone needs a little beauty in their lives and cards are pretty.  You know, the children make their own toys and they are ingenious. 

Jessie and I would like for you to consider a gift to Karimu in honor or memory of someone dear to you.  It could be a good lesson to a grandchild to know that money has gone in their name to the people of Msalato and Bishop Stanway Primary School.  We have cards to send to whomever you choose to honor.  As always, your gift is tax deductible.  It’s too soon to say Merry Christmas to our readers.  Happy Autumn and blest be the tie that binds.  Tally