One doesn’t expect to see priests on motorbikes in rural (read far off villages) Tanzania.  Here are two of five recently graduated priests who have be sent to distant villages with as many as 10 churches within their parishes.  Some are now area coordinators which are good jobs but they still have the responsibility of caring for those in their parish and they can be miles apart.  Ordinarily, they would ride bicycles on the rutted dirt roads or even walk, but thanks to many generous gifts to Karimu, we were able to buy these handsome motorbikes for these men which will make life easier for them in a place where life is NEVER easy.   We got a “deal” because we  bought 5 from the same place.   These priests and their wives will be the lifeline for the village people,  some who have never been “to town.”   Slowly their lives will improve and change, thanks to you.  Being a typical mama I told them to be sure and wear their helmuts and to be careful.  They call be Bibi ~ grandmother!