Dr. Martin McCann in his Lab

In Jessie’s recap that she wrote yesterday, we forgot something quite important.  Through a very generous gift from a doctor and his wife in Northern Virginia, it has been possible for Martin McCann (Sandy’s husband and a pathologist) to continue his work with women with breast cancer.  There is a high rate and he is working in his own lab and in another as well.  If I remember correctly he said that in all the biopsies that he does 63 % are malignant.  I’ve been reading a book by an attorney in Charlotte who is very active in this diocese.  She lost her partner to pancreatic cancer and this book is entitled: “If There’s Anything I Can Do ~ What You Can Do When Serious Illness Strikes.”  As I read it I was aware that the African women do not have all the help and resources that we have.  I am sure they take care of their women but the food, flowers, cards, letters and notes, CaringBridge, hospice are probably non- existant.   Martin is a wonder, going into his lab at all hours.  We are pleased that Karimu can be a part of his merciful work.