Thought I would go over the progress we saw on the various projects in Tanzania:

 The Piglet Project – The women repaid their loan in full, their pigs are healthy and some have had piglets.  They will now take the money they borrowed and repaid and lend it to 45 new women in their village.  Am assuming they might do a piglet project as well.  Then, next year those women will repay their loan and loan it to women in a sister village, and so it goes.  St. Mary Mag’s raised more money for pig projects and we are talking with various people to see where a new site can start.  

The Women’s English Classes –  Sandy says this might be the best project we have done.  It began last year with a grant.  The women went to class for four hours each morning for the school year.  Women whom we were unable to speak with last year were chattering away in English this year.  Not only that, many had never attended secondary school.  Some of them are in their 40’s now.  Quite a number want to continue their education, so now there are secondary ed classes held at Bishop Stanway Primary School in the afternoons after the children have gone.  One woman wants to become a teacher, another a nurse.  I joined this year’s class for some art lessons and we added colours and paint to their English vocabulary.  They did some very good work and we had a grand time, many laughs.  

Bishop Stanway Primary School – The children on scholarship are thriving, and due to the help from Karimu and Wyoming, many children are on scholarship.  This was the first year the teacher’s didn’t need help with salaries.  The Headmistress, Lidya Kusa, has done a grand job of pulling the school together.  They have made repairs, painted the buildings, renovated the kindergarten building to be a hostel for boarding students, and added to enrollment.  Karimu gave the school $2,000. to finish the last classroom building which has been used as the kitchen.  Now they will build a small kitchen, and use the finished classroom building for classes.  We are still looking for a bus that will fit into the budget they have.  They have seen a bus they would like, but are $12,000. shy of being able to buy that one.  Food – This is the second year for grant aid on food for the students at Msalato.  We are hoping to get one more year of grant aid.  

Further monies have been given for scholarships, both for priests and children, money for the various parishes we visited, and of course the bicycles have been a great help.  Four of the priests Tally taught have graduated and moved on to very remote and wide-spread areas.  Transportation has been a huge problem for them, hours of riding busses as well as biking.  These priests are either Deans or Area Coordinators, covering as many as ten churches, so we have bought them all motor bikes at $1,200. each.

We carried over the comfort dolls from Holy Comforter in Burlington, used clothing, art supplies, jewelry from Claudia Miller’s shop for the women, computer supplies, bought paper for the school.

Future projects are:  new grants for the food, Women’s English Classes, and scholarships as we have come to the end of the grant aid from our previous sources.  For $22.00, we can buy solar lights for the priests homes.  Many do not have electricity, and this one solar light will light up their kitchen or sittingroom area.  Makes it easier to cook and for children to do homework.  That is a good project for children or a small church.  We are going to need to raise $10,000 this year to meet the needs which have been met previously.

Thank you for your continued help, little by little, you are changing people’s lives for the better!!