We have no picture of this scene.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to take a picture.  It would have been morbidly curious to snap a picture of a child of God in such horrid condition.  I am writing early because I could not sleep with this picture in my mind’s eye.  I am not even sure where we were,  Addis Ababa or Lalibella.  That’s how the last days were ~ flying from one historic place to another.  Crawling down the middle of a busy street was an old woman.  She had wooden blocks on her hands and dragged her body along with her legs missing from just below the knees down.  I asked our driver what had happened to her and he said it was probably leprosy.   I fumbled around in my purse to find a little birr ~ Ethiopian money ~  and got out of the car to catch up with her.   She half rolled over so that I saw her eyes ~ eyes that now haunt me ~ eyes I wish I had not seen.  Why didn’t I give more or take her somewhere and wash her face or buy her food?  We miss so many opportunities to be the hands of God.     May God find a way to bless her.   Tally