Would  you look at what followed me home at Msalato one day!  I started calling to Jessie who was in the house before I even got there because I knew she would want to see him.   Sure enough, she had a bowl of milk and egg ready for him which he lapped up like crazy.  Immediately she wanted to bring him home.  He was a wee bit dirty but in seconds she had him in her arms cuddling him.  The next thing I knew he was in my arms too.  We have learned that she could have actually brought him home although it would have been complicated.  I wonder what she would have named him.  She finally took him around campus and Mary Mkunda knew where he belonged and saw that he got home safely.  You know, once I went off with Jessie to the mountains of North Carolina and slipped on freshly mown grass (went down as gently as a cloud) and broke my right leg.  The next time we went off I came home with a little broken-eared dog found on a snowy mountain top in East Tennessee.    When we got ready to go to Africa the first time, someone said:  “Please don’t come home with a water buffalo.”   It would have been fun to come  home with an African dog that has little if any future.  Dogs are not treated very well there although we have lectured enough about them being part of God’s creation.    Moses has puppies now and they are being fed scraps.   We don’t know what will happen to little white puppy but for awhile he knew what it was like to be held and loved.  I’ll get Jessie to put his picture on this so you can see him too.