Look at these wonderful clothes and colours.  Even when you look closely, and see that they are worn and tattered, they have a style.  I am sad at the way Americans are dressing these days.  The ubiquitous tee shirts and baseball caps are now seen in the airports.  When I traveled for business, men wore business suits.  Now they can be counted on one hand.  I see men with briefcases, in shorts and tee shirts.  Where are they going?  Do they do a “Clark Kent” in some phone booth and change into suits?  No, that can’t be it as there are no phone booths any more.  We have become so sloppy.  We have huge closets compared to when I was a child, but they are filled with baggy, sloppy clothing.  In Tanzania, men who live without running water or electricity, pour out of slums wearning the whitest shirts, with ties and slacks.  We wonder how they do it.  There, they want to look western in their dress,  I hope they don’t go the way of American men.