We arrived in Dar yesterday afternoon.  The bus ride was pretty good, no noisy videos and we had the front seats so could stretch our legs.  This was especially good for Tom.  Went to Slipway to shop,  Tom bought gifts to take home.  Tally and I realise we are old hands now, we hardly ever get the camera out, and don’t buy much of anything as we have all the African things we want.

We do have a bad case of bed bugs bites.  Irene, the Bishop’s wife looked at our marks on our skin and made the diagnoses of bed bugs.  Tally’s face is covered and my arms are bad, though have some on my face as well.  We look like chicken pox victims.  They don’t hurt or itch, thank heavens.

Tom leaves today to return to the States, and we head out for Ethiopia.  We probably won’t have time to blog, as it is a busy schedule.

So many wonderful experiences, and all good ones.  I will write a report when we return, but Bishop Stanway is doing very well, the piglet project is a huge success and the Wives English Class has ramafications we couldn’t have dreamed of.

Thank you again, for your continued support and prayers, without you, none of this would have been possible!!!  You can be very proud of your help, you have changed lives and hearts.