• One of the many dreams of the  people at Msalato is to have a Women’s Center located at Msalato.  It has been designed by an architect to meet the needs of women and to empower them.  Amazingly enough, younger men such as Moses, understand the importance of the empowerment of women.  The older men just don’t get it.  So there is work to do.  Women will learn to sew, learn business techniques, banking, computers and many other skills.  The Rev. Moses Matonya told us the story of his background at a meeting in the Diocesan House today to explain why he is so supportive of women.  It is a story worth hearing because it gives me hope for Africa.  He said that he had a good father, one who was not poor ~ he had cows and was respected in the village, however, it was his mother Rosemary who made and sold little muffin-like things to help put him through school and she never failed to tell him how important education was for him.  She never wavered in the faith she had in him and now he is working on his PhD.  He tells his students how important it is for them to respect their wives and to help them.  He is a modern man in a less-than modern society.