The shawlMy Bed, Shawl folded at bottom

Little did I know that a shawl could be so life-saving.  In 2007  Jessie sent me off to South Africa with her cashmere shawl for fear I would be cold.  A cold monsoon came through while I was at the unheated monastery.  I slept rolled up in it with socks, sweaters and anything else I could find to keep the damp cold away (even bath towels).  When time came for us to begin our many journeys to Tanzania, Jessie needed the now well-traveled shawl so Marilyn Arther loaned me her cashmere shawl which she has now given to me.  Another toasty life-saver.  The nights are cold here.  I spent two days and a night in Mundeme Village Tuesday and Wednesday helping the catechists learn about Pastoral Care.  Although I had a bed and not an animal skin on the floor, I had no bedding.  Out came the handi-dandy shawl to serve as my blanket.  I could see through the holes in the corrugated roof and I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous or sleepless.  Security blankets are exactly that.  Would I be able to sleep in such an unusual enviroment?  Oh, yes, like a dead log.  When Marilyn bought the lovely shawl I doubt she ever dreamed it would be so well-traveled nor could she have imagined that it served as a curtain for me as I used the side of the road for a toilet!  Yes, life is very different here and for us still filled with wonder and awe.  Maybe Jessie can get a picture of my security blanket so you can see it.  It went to chapel this morning at 7:30.  Oh blessed shawl, I love you.