Women's English Class

Last year we thought about how the wives of the Pastors were being left behind as their husbands, or wives, were getting their degrees in Theology (all taught in English). These men, and women, are to be the future leaders in the church and community, many may go abroad for work or further study and certainly many will be receiving guests from overseas in their homes. Their spouses get “left behind”, unable to communicate, loosing confidence, not able to feel a proud partner.

So the English Class for Pastor’s wives (and husbands) was begun. The first class graduated last year and did so well that they are able to converse in a social situation, welcome a guest, and make light conversation. For many of the women, it was a profound experience as they had not been in school since elementary school when most of them stopped their education. Secondary education is not provided by the State and the fees can be a burden for a family with many children. The boys may make it to Secondary school and the girls are left to help out at home.

The joy of learning and knowing they could learn after so many years away from school has empowered some of the women to enroll in secondary school. Now we have to help them get some money for their fees. Two want to go on and become a teacher and a nurse and began their secondary schooling last year after they finished the English class.

Today I went to their class and we painted. They greeted me in excellent English and told me about themselves. Some had not used water colours before and we discussed the paint as well as elements of drawing. Will work with them again tomorrow. This is obviously a deviation from their regular syllabus…

This morning, Tally left to go to a village where one of her former students is the Pastor. She will work with his aides (men who cover the many churches he is responsible for when he is at a different church in his area). She planned on discussing Pastoral Care and other subjects they might choose. Switch on tomorrow evening to read about her experience there (though she may be too tired to write tomorrow evening as she has an exhausting schedule). Tom and I will have a glass of wine and the hot water for her shower turned on for when she gets back. J.