Storms were predicted, the hurricane which was visiting New Orleans passed through spreading it’s rain through Alabama, Tennessee and on it’s way to Washington, D.C., so we decided it would be prudent to leave tonight rather than wait until our 6:00 a.m. flight from Raleigh. It was a bumpy flight, and we arrived at Washington Dulles where it was bucketing down rain, our luggage is wet and water got through the zippers. I have one wet shoe, wet make up case, and wet scarves all which were near the zippers, the same happened to Tally. We have SEVEN bags in all, including our carry-ons. That’s it I said, no more schlepping this much stuff to Tanzania. Normally it is no trouble as we would have checked them in at Raleigh and not had to deal with them until Dar. Tonight, though we had to collect them at the airport, find a porter (there wasn’t one in Raleigh) and wait 30 minutes in the blowing rain for our shuttle. Got to the hotel, no trolley to put the luggage on and no porter! Fortunately, the room is large enough to accomodate seven bags, wet bags. Tally is using the hair dryer on the cuffs of her outfit as she was almost knee deep in a puddle. Our hair is wet. However, we are in our room, so all is well for the night. I hope this will blow over before morning. Tally said “I am getting too old for this kind of travel” am beginning to feel the same way. Next time you hear from us I hope we will be in Tanzania and that the rest of the trip will be dry and smooth. Good night!! Jessie