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Received this photo from Sandy. These chickens were awaiting their fate, dinner for the visitors to Msalato. They do have a better life than those poor hens we see crammed into the chicken trucks going down 15-501!

Tally had I have packed all the stuff we have accumulated over the past year, comfort dolls from the ladies from Burlington, clothes from donors, earrings from Claudia, material from Nit, art supplies, to name but a few. Tom, from Wyoming will be with us this year though he will not be going to Ethiopia with us. We will keep you posted in the blog. Thank you, everyone, for your help and support for Karimu! Jessie

Jessie posted a picture this morning of one of the married students whom we all loved (Alex Mshoka) moving from the college and going with his wife and family to their new post in Hombolo Makula.  There were 5 who moved this week, and have all been placed in different jobs and different places.   Sandy pointed out that several will be area coordinators,  high positions with huge responsibilities.  The also will have their own parish which can have up to 10 churches in it.  I asked Sandy what kind of pay they would get.  “Area coordinators (over three deaneries) are supposed to get 20,000 TZ shillings extra per month from the diocese but they seldom do. ”  ($12.50).  Sandy continued:  “Honestly, they have to be called by God to do this.  None will have internet, electricity or water.”  She said they know that they have lived in the best house they will ever live in and that having internet and water is a gift for which they can only ever hope ~ if they become bishop!

We have many more pictures to show you ~ if you look hard at the picture you will see that a lifetime of possessions did not even half fill a medium sized truck.   We could feel Sandy’s grief as they left.  The men came by to tell her goodbye and they left her house with tears still running down their faces.  These were all my students too ~ the first ones I encountered and it makes me sad that I will not see them this year.  Perhaps never again.   What brave men and women.  They are leaving the security of the college where they had adequate food, homes with electricity, water and  help from Sandy and others if they had an emergency.  Sandy said in spite of it all, they left in good spirits and trust that God will provide.  May it be so.  Tally


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