Jessie and village woman

Well, I have spent 2 hours trying to get a picture of Msalato’s 50th anniversary week-long celebration with guests from all over the world, including the dean of Virginia Theological Seminary on the blog.  I had no luck at all but somehow this one landed on the blog.   I love this picture (2010) because the old lady was too ill to come to church that day, so Jessie went to see her.  Jessie had met her the year before and I wish you could have seen the reunion.   We will re-visit this village and of course wonder if she is still alive.   She is probably much younger than she appears.
Just accept Sandy’s words that the celebration was a joyful occassion and that she is “crying tired” from all the  activities and many guests.  They served 300 people per day breakfast, chai (tea), lunch and dinner.   The students really spruced-up the campus and even managed to have a few flowers in bloom.  The campus has a bore  hole now and they can get a little water.