As most of you know, Tally and I are getting ready for our fourth journey back to Tanzania! This will be a special year in that the students Tally and I worked with who were in their first years will be graduating. My children from Bishop Stanway who were in Standard Three are now in Standard Seven. The Students Tally started with will now be moving out into the villages. It is with this in mind we wanted to let everyone know that these new villages will be looking for help with projects like the piglets we did for Ikowa village, as well as bicycles for fetching water. If any one, or group would like to “sponsor” a village for such a project, the cost would be $500. This becomes a loan-project like the Wilbur Project you can read about in our previous blogs. St. Mary Magdalene Church is raising funds for a Wilbur (piglet) project where folks can buy a piglet for $19.00. Msalato just celebrated their 50th anniversary with much celebration. Thank you everyone who has been so helpful with the work. Jessie