Jessie and her papoose.

Amid destructive tornadoes in North Carolina 4 days ago and drought in Africa we thought you might need a little levity.  I checked my Dictionary of Etymology to be sure that the word levity didn’t come from Leviticus because there is nothing  light or frivolous about that book in the Bible!  (It didn’t).  What you are seeing if you have not figured it out is  Tally Pendo, one of Jessie’s Jack Russell’s (named for me, I say proudly, and my alter ego).  She is neither sick nor lame; she didn’t want to walk that day ~ just plunked her bottom down on the path and sat there and stared at us.   Not to be outwitted or controlled by a dog who is really a person, Jessie said:  “I’ll do what the Africans do with their children,” and with that she took off her shawl (Africans use their Kangas) and bent over while I put Tally Pendo on her back and tied her on.  The funny thing is that Tally loved it.  We call her the “Drama Queen.”  

The miracle of Tally is that Jessie found her in a puppy mill ~ she had had 4 litters in 5 years and lived in a small cage.  When Jessie brought her to my house for a blessing,  Tally didn’t even know how to walk on the driveway or the grass.  She was pitiful.  She was afraid of people especially men but with a lot of TLC she got over it pretty quickly and now she is full of herself and we all love her to death.   Oprah did a feature story about the puppy mill, and who was in the magazine?  Yep, Tally.   I wrote to O to let her know what had happened to Tally, sort of a rags to riches story, but I never heard from her.  Pendo is a Kiswahili word that means love.  I guess that tells you what Jessie thinks of her.  And I feel the same way ~ not every one is fortunate enough to have a dog named after them.  You’ve seen the bumper sticker:  “Lord, make me as good a person as my dog thinks I am. ”   And that is the truth.  TallyOne