You  have “met” Sandy and others at the college through photos.  I want you to meet her husband,  Dr.  Martin McCann.  Along with teaching about AIDs,  Martin has a lab in the Diocesan House in Dodoma which happens to be  named Mackay House, spelled exactly as Jessie spells her name.  Among many things Martin does research and biopsies in his lab and sadly a very large percent of the breast biopsies are malignant tumors.   Further he has been doing Estrogen/Progesterone tests for therapy for the women.  Thankfully, Karimu was able to assist in his project with a significant donation that we received during the summer (2010).  
Last week I had an out-of-town visitor.  When she walked in she  commented that she had come empty-handed with no hostess gift, but said she wanted to write a check for Karimu and immediately wrote one for $3,000.  My eyes popped out of my head.  Since the donation came from a doctor who gave the donation last summer to get Martin’s project underway we contacted Martin to see if he needed anything for his lab or for any medical work.  That’s when we learned that the cost for the project was more than he had expected and also that he had promised to help in two other labs and found himself without enough resources.  This donation or part of it will help with some of these projects.   I guess what I am trying to say is that God does provide.   Many of you know the donor but he is so self-effacing that he would be embarrassed to death if I told you.
As for Martin’s friend’s name I really don’t know.  Any suggestions?  We were at Noni Noni an agricultural fair that lasts a week.  We were in a building where one could buy anything from shoes to earrings and even birds!  And that’s where we met  up with Mr. Bones!