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18×20 “Castara Beach”

18×24  “House by the Road”, France

Here are more photos, hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Jessie

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Technology is amazing.   Moses sent more pictures this morning all the way from Tanzania and now we are sending one to you.  This picture is especially grand because the women are smiling at what looks like the pigs eating melons or gourds.  And you can see the women’s homes behind them.  It was heartening too to  hear from Moses that Father Jairus is helping and supporting the women in caring for the pigs when they need any kind of medical intervention.  We were concerned about how the men of the village would react to succesful women since in that culture women take a backseat to the men ~ you know if they can only afford to educate one child it will be the male child who gets the education.  This is a case of the priests and church elders educating the villagers and the men are “getting it.”  Hooray indeed!

We have some photos of the women and their piglets!  Actually, the piglets have grown up and are ready to be bred.  Out of the 27 piglets, 26 are alive and well.  One was taken by a Hyena.  Was so excited to see the faces of the women of Ikowa Village, Moses’ Mother and Sister, plus the others whose names I can’t pull up to mind, but whose faces I remember so well.  Moses took 40 photos, but ran out of internet space so was able to send these today.  We will post more as they come in.  What a wonderful Easter present these were.  Thank you Moses and the women of Ikowa!

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Here is another painting from Provence, 20×24 inches.  I hope everyone had a good Easter!

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