Hilda is a professor at Msalato Theological College who is monitoring the women with the Wilbur Project in Ikowa.  You get to see Sandy McCann too.  They are shaking hands following the service on Ash Wednesday.  The tradition there is that when you exit the church and shake hands with those outside, you then join the line so that there is a huge circle of teachers, priests, volunteers and students with whom you give greetings.   Jessie and I always cry when it is our last morning at chapel before we leave.  There are more hugs than handshakes.   Imagine all of the people one would meet and greet at our churches if we did that!

The small gray-haired lady with her back to the camera is The Rev.  Lynn from Australia.  She lived next door to us last summer.  She is such a sprightly little thing ~ students were forever at her door and she would always stop what she was doing to help them.  She teaches English and theology (I think).  There is so much for us to learn from these people.   The lovely green garden behind them is new to us ~ they are trying to spruce up the campus for their 50th anniversary this summer.  They now have a bore hole and can water the plants and flowers sparingly.

Don’t you think Hilda is beautiful?  I do.