Okay, here is the skinny on the piglets.  Moses and his wife Ruth came back this past Sunday night from Ikowa Village where we gave money for piglets.  Their son David had taken the pictures but somehow hit the delete button.  He was most embarrassed.  The women were all there to show them their pigs.  They visited 9 groups of women and their 9 pig pens.  The women had bought 27 piglets with the money we gave them, thanks to you, and all were healthy other than one who was killed by a hyena two weeks ago.  The hyena invaded 3 pigs in a pen but killed only one and the other two survived.  The Rev. Dr. Hilda Kabia who helps the women manage the money spent two hours with the women working together in unity and with great determination.  The thing that touched Jessie and me the most was that the women expressed their heartfelt thanks to YOU for this project which I call the “Wilbur Project ” saying they believe this will  transform their lives for the better.  Moses said they loved the pigs and manage them very well.  He will go back to the village on Easter and said he would take pictures for us.  The women want Jessie and me to visit them on our return in September so they can show us how fervent they have been in caring for their pigs.  I see this as helping their children get an education.  Education in Tanzania is free, however they have to provide the uniforms, books, paper and pencils.  This meager project will benefit many and The Rev. Dr. Hilda is seeing that they pay back the original loan and keep the profits for themselves.  The original money will be available to lend to other villages.  It seems so small to us (less than $19.00 for a piglet) and yet a life changing possibility for the women we know in Ikowa Village and even those whom we don’t yet know.

Isn’t it amazing that Jessie and I can pick up on each other’s writing when there is a need?  Sisters in a way.  She once gave me a book:  “Just Sisters ~ You Mess With Her, You Mess With Me.

I’ll try to send you a picture of The Rev. Hilda after the basketball game!


Tally and Jessie