It’s almost criminal to follow that lovely picture and lovely news of  Sandy’s and Martin’s first grandchild, Briggs Freeman, but #1 I was trying to see if I could get another picture on the blog ~ ‘taint easy McGee (that dates me) and #2 I wanted to prove to you that necessity is the mother of invention.  There are no “walkers” in the villages, and so they figure out how to get around the best they can without one.  This is Hilda ~ I’m sure crippled with arthritis.   She was a regular beggar at our door until last summer.  Sandy said it was actually Hilda’s job to beg.  She  was grateful for anything, an egg, a chunk of bread, an orange, an onion, even yogurt one day.  She tucked it into her kanga top against her breast and it must have been shockingly cold.  We weren’t sure she knew what it was.  Hilda has gone home to God now and she no longer needs a walker or a wheel chair.

We had wonderful news from Moses today about the piglets and we are awaiting pictures.  Jessie is dying to get them so she can write you about the success of the project.   Stay tuned.    Of course it means nothing to them, but most of us read Charlotte’s Web to our children or grandchildren and many of us were charmed by the movie.  So I have named our piglet project:  “The Wilbur Project.” More to come as soon as we get the pictures from Moses!