We say a picture is worth a thousand words, but pictures can be deceiving.  The picture that Jessie just posted looks green and lush.  But look at the size of the corn.  Their growing season is OVER.  Even now if they get a little rain it is too late for the crops.  They still need water for the lakes and cattle.  Along with several pictures came a heart rending message from Sandy.  Pendo, whom you see hoeing in the picture has a baby on her back and one sitting on the ground.  Pendo works for Sandy and Martin during the morning.  Her sisters, Sechee and Moti have been house girls for us when we are there.  The pay is about $3.00 for a half  days work which works out to about $28.00 for two weeks ~30,000 Tanzanian shillings.  When Pendo finished her work with Sandy yesterday she came to her and said:  “Sandy, I have no food in my house.”  Sandy said she broke down as she said this.  She was flabbergasted as just the night before she could hear Pendo singing as she hoed in Sandy’s yard.  She sent her immediately to Moses who is selling bags of corn.  Like here, everything is going up,  up, up.  Sandy said that gas was beyond belief and electricity has gone up 20% and food over 30%.   A bag of rice is about 40,000TzS which I think is about $38.00.  That’s a small bag.  This is going to be a terrible year for our friends in Tanzania as it will be in Japan too.  Tanzania will simply have no food.  It’s a plain and simple and hard truth.  The people at Holy Comforter gave us $660.00 in honor of their interim priest which we will ear mark for food in the village.  Please, can you help at all?   I have become a beggar.