Tally has completed the application for a second grant for food. I will let her tell more about that, but it was a lot of work on her part. Beautifully assembled with facts, photos, and feedback as to what the grant from last year has accomplished. With Lent upon us, we talk about what we are giving up – many are giving up food-related items: Wine, cheese, chocolate, chips, junk food, etc.

With a looming draught and famine in Tanzana, and Tally’s work on a grant for food money, I have been thinking about FOOD. Have veered off from edible food to food for my soul, psychological, or spiritual food. Painting certainly feeds my soul. It is a solitary process for the most part, yet gives me a great connection to others and nature at the same time.

The experience of working with the people in Tanzania, and those of you here who are helping, have added much meaning to my life, fed my “soul”, linking us to each other at a time when our culture urges us to “connect” in feeding frenzies of consumerism. The people in Africa face real starvation, I face starving from my soul’s perspective, in all my abundance. It is a lot of “food for thought”!