As several checks came in to Karimu last week,  I wrote to Sandy that I never expected to get so excited about money.  She said that since it was not for me, nor did it give me any power, plus knowing what good it would do for others, that it was okay for me to be excited!  Because of you, we have been able to give $3,500 to assist with the renovation of the student dorms which were about as dismal as anything I had ever seen.  That amount is a drop in the bucket but drops eventually fill up the bucket and even make it overflow.  Her church in Columbus, GA gave $25,000 in 2009 to renovate the faculty housing that were all but falling down.  Our good friend, Tom Davenport in Wyoming, working with his diocese has just been awarded a $50,000 grant.  When Jessie and I went out there in December 2008 (just after my last Sunday at Emmanuel) Tom picked up the ball and his church, Saint Andrew’s in Pinedale, started their own fund-raising organization, so the money does not come to Karimu, but we are all working toward the same goal.   Can you imagine what this means to a little school in a far-off country?  Sandy said that to Americans it would look like a “nothing place, a blip by the side of the road.”   What really grabbed me in her message were these words:  “God is really up to something here and He has graciously allowed us to be a part of it.”  I believe that with all my heart.  And I hope and pray that you too will feel humbled and privileged to be a part of this.

I too am working on a grant to provide food for the students this next school year.  Please pray their hearts will be open to help us again.

Always with gratitude and love,