I occassionally look at Oprah especially during the cold afternoons of winter.  Yesterday her guest was Debbie Reynolds who is now 78 if you can believe it.  There were clips of her singing and dancing with Gene Kelly in her first movie,  “Singing in the Rain.”  She was 17 years old.  Sandy wrote this morning that they had about an hour of soft rain last night and that things were greening up around the college and the birds were singing their praises.  I have two-left feet but I think I would be singing and dancing in the rain too, a la Debbie and Gene.  A gentle rain is so much better than a downpour which just runs off the hard sun-baked soil.  In spite of my imagining a lush green campus the news is still NOT GOOD.  In their newspaper yesterday it said that the water in the  lake that supplies electricity for the Diocese of Central Tanganyika would only last until April.  They are used to having no electricity and can live without it at the school except that also means no internet.  I know it is necessary for Sandy because of the work she does.   

She also wrote that Alex Mshoka, the student that Jessie and I have been sponsorning  for 3 years came to the school yesterday looking awful.  Thank goodness it was a toothache and not starvation.  Venuce, one of my other students (2 years ago) who visited Virginia last year is sick with malaria.  She said he looks half dead.  And so the saga goes on.  And so do the prayers.